The current generation of consumers are connected to a wider world from the moment they wake up to the moment they put out the light. Their window, for now at least, is the screen.

As soon as they switch their smartphones or tablets on, people are in touch with their friends to swap ideas and inspiration. On the journey to work they’re researching goods and services. They could be ordering a coat they need for that evening before they step into the workplace.

Forward-thinking brands are now more willing to open up and involve their customers in a variety of ways, to build communities of loyal customers and even brand advocates. The benefits are manifold, from crowd-sourcing help with testing out and developing new products, to encouraging communities to help solve a specific problem.

This ebook goes over how UGC can help with;

• Achieving a greater unity between channels, offline and online.
• Gaining stronger engagement with touch points featuring UGC.
• Increasing trust using UGC.
• Achieving the loyalty and a greater lifetime value from the customer.

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How UGC can future proof your business