Website pages with embedded content are crawled 1.4x more than pages without content.

The problem isn’t so much knowing what to write, it’s more scaling the content across thousands of products. Whilst a good e-commerce team can write about the products they sell, writing enough content to cover a growing inventory of products isn’t the best use of their time.

This whitepaper is your complete guide to;

  • The SEO decisions to make when implementing reviews
  • Improving product pages
  • Gaining more exposure in the search results
  • Getting better click through rates on SERPS
  • Getting more reviews and how it means more revenue

The importance of quality, unique content has always been apparent in the SEO industry. When asked to advise webmasters on what SEO tactics they should employ, the answer from Google has typically included the words “quality, unique content”.

Through examples and case studies, this document will outline the opportunities and best practices for improving product and category pages, targeting additional long-tail keywords and gaining more exposure in the search results.

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