When the people at boiler manufacturer Baxi saw their Reevoo customer satisfaction score of 98% from real, verified customers, they knew it was worth shouting about.

Putting a customer score on a billboard is one thing — but Baxi went a stage further.

They took their stupendous score of 98% and built a creative social media campaign around it.

Here’s how they did it.


All social media campaigns need a hashtag — and when you’ve scored as high as 98%, it makes sense to put that number at the heart of everything. And lo, #Baxi98% was born.

To promote their boilers in time for the heating season this winter, Baxi asked customers to post pictures of themselves holding a 98% placard on social media for the chance to win a weekly prize of £98.

Here are some of the results:

A great way of connecting with your customers (and their pets).

Social proof

Baxi also tweeted out customer reviews from the Reevoo survey to complement the campaign…

…acting as powerful social proof.


The #Baxi98% social media campaign also coincided with a major advertising push to help generate buzz.

The Reevoo score featured on billboards:

on chocolate bars…

and even (a bit cheekily) on BBC News.

So, to recap…

That’s hundreds of genuine, satisfied Baxi customers who were happy to recommend their boilers.

One amazing Reevoo score.

And any number of creative ways to make the most of it in a social media campaign.

Cheers, Baxi!

“We’re delighted with our 98% customer satisfaction score, reflecting both the quality of our boilers, and the installers who fit them. It’s been exciting to see the campaign in national press, outdoor and on social media, and we’ve got more to come in 2018.”

Sian Lewis, marketing manager, Baxi Heating

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