We don’t pretend to know everything – but we do pride ourselves on hanging out with people who do.

One of those people is Fredric Lundkvist, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing Experience at Volvo.

I really wanted to chat with Fredric because Volvo, like most car brands, is going through amazing transformation at the moment.

The difference is that Volvo seems to be handling innovation in a really organic way.

Volvo’s latest innovations serve to maintain an experience that’s not just consistent across channels – but carries the essence of the history of car buying. The excitement and expression customers can feel during the process remains, especially with things like Volvo’s new car configurator – but with some of the modern conveniences we’re seeing in other industries.

For one, a more direct and transparent connection with the customer, and the removal of wiggle-room on price, finally bringing cars in line with any other brand-led product.

Fredric’s remit is the volvocars.com platform, SEO (one of the places Reevoo comes in) and enabling Volvo’s markets all over the world – especially smaller ones that don’t have the capacity to maintain their own websites.

We had a fascinating chat, one that’s well worth the watch. See it below, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Reevoo blog for more like this.

In the video, you’ll hear about:

  • Fredric’s remit at Volvo
  • Modern car buying habits
  • Manufacturers’ relationship with dealers
  • The importance of service
  • Keeping in touch with customers over the life cycle
  • Care By Volvo, the company’s new subscription service
  • What loyalty means in automotive
  • The evolution of Volvo’s iconic brand
  • The role of user-generated content
  • Handling bad reviews
  • Fuel economy scandals and consumer trust
  • The future of car ownership
VIDEO: Our chat with Volvo