Your potential new customers have loads of questions that need answering before they buy.

Luckily, your existing ones have all the answers.

Conversations is how we bring them together. People reading reviews can then click over to an ‘Ask-An-Owner’ tab where they can ask whatever they like to someone who owns the product.

We take care of the rest – sourcing answers and getting back in touch with the person who asked the question so they can go back and make the purchase.

There are tons of benefits to Conversations – apart from the obvious conversion uplift, Conversations readers spend 4.4x longer on site and visit 3.5x more pages on average. It could also save your brand a stack of cash on customer service.

Let us explain it more with this webinar: Conversations: A story of peer-to-peer advocacy.

We’ll talk about:

  • UGC and conversational commerce in general,
  • How Conversations fits into this world
  • How you can use it in clever ways to get the best results.
WEBINAR: A story of peer-to-peer advocacy