We’re here to help brands build communities around their products.

But these communities aren’t easy to build.

If they were, we’d all be ‘engaged advocates’ of our favourite brand of pens, or butter, or socks.

It’s on the brand to make these connections – to talk to customers on their level and build a relationship. And the stakes are high.

Those that can do it (and do it well) build armies of advocates, who go to bat for them whenever they get the chance.

They write great reviews, contribute inspiring content… even volunteer to answer questions from curious potential buyers.

Want to know our secrets for getting there? Watch this webinar with our CMO Marina Cheal.

You’ll hear about what good relationships are built on, and how you can use those aspects to build good relationships with your customers.

We also reveal our 4 key tips for engaging with customers.

Then, we’ll show you what to do with all the amazing content you’ll be collecting.

All you need to create inspiring UGC campaigns of your own.

WEBINAR: Our secret for inspiring UGC campaigns