Graham from Bath is a very special person.

In mid-October, Graham wrote a customer review of Admiral’s Multi Car Insurance.


As reviews go, it wasn’t a classic. However, little did he know it, but Graham had just left the 25 millionth Reevoo review.

Milestones like this can be arbitrary, but 25 million is a LOT of reviews.

That’s one review every 12 seconds for the best part of 10 years. We thought we’d take a moment to celebrate that fact.

Besides, it’s nearly Christmas, and there’s some fun stuff lurking in all that data.

How it all began

Our first review was for a BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor. It came in around midday on 15th May 2008.

The reviewer set an admirable precedent with their honest, exacting approach, praising the item but pointing out a crucial flaw:


The long and the short

A lot of people have left short reviews — for example, 7,452 extremely concise people put simply “OK”.

Not many of them were Russians, however. Russians love writing long reviews. Of the top 10 longest reviews on our database, 7 are Russian, 2 are from the UK and 1 is Dutch.

My favourite of those, from Oleg in Volgograd, was basically an essay. At 9pm on the 6th April 2013, Oleg summoned up 1653 words (9724 characters) about a Sony NEX-5NY digital camera. In the interests of brevity we won’t reproduce them here.

The longest review (so far) was by Keith from Bromley, about the ‘Natural Wonders of Hawaii’ tour from Titan Travel. Length: 3746 words, 16,596 characters. Overall Score: 7. Number of people who found the review
useful: 3. Good job, Keith!

Reviews containing the word…

82 reviews contain the word “Brexit”. These include Russell from Worksop, who blamed the dim power light on his new coffee machine on “some EU directive” and used it as “one more good reason to vote Brexit”.

18 reviews contain “Donald Trump”, including Peter from Watford who praised his “Dyson DC40 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Silver/Purple” because it “sucks like Donald Trump”.

For some reason, 13 reviews mention “North Korea” while disappointingly only 3 reviews contain the words “Love Island”.

And finally…

Cypriots swear the most in reviews, cursing once every 100 words, compared to 1 in 1000 from the more polite Brits. Not as polite as the Japanese however, who avoid foul language altogether.

When it comes to swearing in reviews, the Brits’ favourite word is “sh*te”. Americans favour “sucks” while my Australian brethren prefer “boob”.

What we've learned from collecting 25 million reviews