When you need to decide what or where to buy, or to be inspired or educated, we know that what a brand says is only one side of the story.

Sure, it’s helpful to get the official blurb about what you want to buy – but often it’s the opinions of others that hold the real gems.

“…it all depends on your driving style. Smooth driving gives me an average of 48 mpg, on a long run 50 mpg is no problem. Driven hard it drops to about 42 mpg.”

“My dog loves this product and I like it because it is easy to store, to use and no mess!”

People aren’t looking for the official, glossy version – they want the real. That’s what reviews and user-generated content provides.

You might have seen some of our competitors in the news about fake reviews. We hate fake reviews. And from the feedback we receive, customers hate them too.

Our key value is integrity. The content we collect from you, and millions of other shoppers, is from real people, talking about the product they bought, or the experience they had. On Reevoo, only people whose transaction we can verify get to express their opinion. No transaction, no opinion. You can be sure that when the Reevoo logo is there, the content you’re seeing is authentic.

But there’s more to integrity than authenticity. You can also be sure that what you see is all there is – not just the good bits. The companies we work for pay us to be the independent third party that consumers trust. We control the content, not them. They cannot edit and change someone’s review. They cannot remove a bad one. No cherrypicking. It’s written into Reevoo contracts.

On Reevoo, only people whose transaction we can verify get to express their opinion Highlight to share

But there is still more to integrity. Few people trust someone’s opinion if they know the person got paid for it. Do they like it because it’s good or do they like it because they get money to say so? We believe consumer opinion is most powerful if all parties understand the opinion was expressed to help others. No Reevoo reviewer was paid for their opinion.

You as a consumer have the power to have your voice heard far and wide. We believe this power can change the world for good. It can help you choose with confidence. It can help rid the world of bad products and services. It even might help make advertising honest.

Whether they realise it or not – certain brands are undermining the power of public consumer opinion with fake reviews, cherrypicking and undisclosed incentives.

So when you’re reading consumer opinions online, we want you to be sceptical. But rest assured, there’s none of that in the world of Reevoo.

Unfortunately, as technology gets better, and the stakes get higher, there are no foolproof tricks to spot fake reviews. We want you to question who controls the consumer opinions you see on a website. We want you to ask yourself if the person’s opinion is honest, or manipulated with a reward. If you do not see Reevoo, you should ask yourself these questions. However, if you do, you’ll know that the content you see was collected and displayed with our key value – integrity.

Why is authenticity important for consumers?