For our first ever VIDEO podcast, I’m really excited to have Will Critchlow, CEO and founder of online marketing agency Distilled.

Watch the video below, or go to the bottom of the post to get the audio-only iTunes version.

I brought the camera crew over to Will’s London offices so that he could convert me into an ‘SEO guy’.

To be honest, I’ve always thought of SEO as snake oil – so-called experts making guesses about what Google’s going to do next. But Will’s one of the originals, and a guy whose opinion I really value, so I asked him to give it to me straight. And he did!

We talked about:
•  Distilled’s humble beginnings;
•  Why SEO should never have been a thing in the first place;
•  Chatbots, voice recognition and why text will always be king;
•  The importance of balance in a digital strategy;
•  How mobile-first will change search and findability;
•  Why many of our daily information needs are going unmet;
•  And a new product Distilled is working on that could change the way businesses do their websites.

Just want the audio? Here you go:

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 22
Will Critchlow, Founder and CEO, Distilled

Will Critchlow, founder and CEO, Distilled